“As a creative, I see myself in a constant process of exploration. Photography and film are my choices of medium. Experimenting with both cutting edge and traditional technologies have created some of my most appreciated work, sometimes by design and sometimes by happy accident!”

Simon has been photographing professionally for well over 20 years.

 He has worked for some of the world’s most famous brands and has been internationally recognised for it. His work can be found in D&AD, The One Show, Communication Arts and publications such as Archive and PDN.

 Simon remains however, a non–conformist in both his style and concepts of the work he produces.  Experimentation forms the backbone of his practice and he is currently working with video graphics and in parallel, platinum and palladium print technique. He also continues to experiment with abstract aerial concepts, since becoming a qualified pilot in 2008.

 Over the past decade, Simon has divided much of his time between Asia and Europe. Shooting across the cultural spectrum keeps Simon’s concepts and style fresh, his mind open and it has imbued him with a strong sense of empathy.

 That sense of empathy led him to embark upon significant educational and philanthropic work through film and photography in developing countries, a result of which was a student of his Aperture Asia winning 2016 Cambodian Young film maker of the Year.

Simon has contributed written photography articles to Canon’s Snapshot Asia.


Please contact Simon for further information on his career.


Simon has worked with quite a few characters over the years.